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growing trend for metal stamping industry

With the global industrial automation and the improvement of people's living standard, as well as the"4.0" "made in China 2025",precision electronic is used more and more widely in automotive industry,aerospace,information processing equipment  industry,household electrical appliances industry,electronic audio and video industry,industrial automation,financial terminals,etc.Precision electronic applications will continue to expand,the market development space is huge,thus promoting the global high-precision stamping market demand for further expansion of space.

Now the new energy vehicles is growing fast all around the world.In order to reduce emissions from cars,to reduce dependence on oil,our country grasp the opportunities of the development of new energy vehicles. The connector delivers power and signal, which is the core component of the new energy vehicle. With the rapid development of the new energy automobile business, the market demand of connector terminal is expanding rapidly.

In the pattern of global economic integration and fine social division of labor, the development of modern industry is from the "large and inclusive" to the "professional, intensive", which requires the high-precision stamping parts in product research and development and the improvement of design, proprietary technology, process, key material in the research of intelligent automation production line and its need to have very strong professional design and development.