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Fire Safety Knowledge Training

In order to further improve the fire safety awareness of all employees of our company, we have made every effort to popularize fire safety knowledge and trained our company to provide employees with fire safety knowledge training.

He firstly combined the fire cases that occurred in recent years, vividly expounded the importance of popularizing fire safety knowledge and raising fire awareness in the form of videos, pictures, and texts. When he saw the tragic "tragedy" that occurred due to the lack of relevant firefighting knowledge, it was thought-provoking. . Then, the instructor explained the basic knowledge of fire prevention to everyone, and introduced the causes of the fire in detail from the four aspects of “fire prevention”, “fire suppression”, “escape” and “self-rescue”, and how to prevent fires, basic knowledge of fire escape, and fire extinguishers A variety of fire safety knowledge, such as type and correct operation method.

Through this training, the staff has further enhanced their understanding of fire safety and mastered some basic fire fighting skills, laying a solid foundation for ensuring life safety and company property safety.