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Analysis Of Industry In2018

In 2017,all machine industry has been in a better upward trend.

However, because of major adjustment of government, the rolled steel price have substantial increasing, which bring big pressure to company in forging stamping and Sheet metal production.

Based on current situation analysis, this increasing situation will be slow down. And it will be continue in 2018,but there will be no big fluctuations, this depends on the supply and demand of steel.

Stamping and sheet metal production is more used in mobile payment,cashier,industrial monitoring, and display equipment,financial equipment,environmental equipment and security equipment industry is still growing and update.In the next few years,supermarket cashier system will be a relatively high speed growth,Merid will be pay  attention on this.Specifically,based on the ministry of transport planning,high-speed Road automatic take card and pay cost, and ETC, automatic payment system will become a new growth point in next few years, parking lot 2018 should be increased.